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Creative Innovation Solutions Group, LLC

Randy KellumBringing the Expertise of His Visionary Successes in World-Wide and Regional Manufacturing, Banking, Education and Retail to Small and Mid-Sized Companies Ready to Achieve Record-Setting Growth

Through his 20+ year career Kellum has

  • Realigned IT departments into interdisciplinary teams to better support their organizations
  • Successfully provided IT structure to integrate two manufacturing facilities in just four months
  • Consolidated 21 servers into two servers running VMware so that all back office applications, images, workflow,  etc. could run from these servers at a considerable savings and efficiency
  • Successfully provided IT support of large manufacturing facility located an hour’s drive from headquarters during stages of construction, design and infrastructure development

With the establishment of Creative Innovation Solutions Group, Kellum now combines his knowledgebase and visionary ability to systematically and efficiently increase customers’ IT operating efficiency through proven service management models.

Colombo, Sherlock Holmes—just about any good detective — solves the perfect crime by going beyond the obvious. The detective asks penetrating questions, rehashes the situation, and recreates the scenario until the crime has been solved. It’s the piecing together of bits of information with the knowledge that sees connections overlooked by others.

Such is the case with effective information technology. IT professionals not driven by root cause analysis may stop the “technological bleeding,” but the “wound” has not healed. The result may not be murder, but the cursory solution can be murderous on a company’s bottom line—not counting the frustrations of its staff.

At Creative Innovation Solutions Group, we go beyond the obvious and don’t stop until we reach the REAL problem. Sometimes it’s so simple, so obvious, we think, “Why didn’t someone else see that before us?” We go to the real problem. There’s no better satisfaction than solving an IT mystery except starting a company on a new IT path that simply works—now and in the future. This philosophy and determination are appropriate to the name of our company. Because we are creative, because we are innovative, we can find the solutions that most others cannot.

– Randy Kellum

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