Provide CIO/CTO services for a global manufacturer of prosthetic inserts and liners, with sites in the US, Canada, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, and China.  We created an Information Technology assessment and recommendations including short- and long-term IT strategy for executive team.  The short and long range strategies were developed to take company into the next three to five years with new server and software technologies.

Additionally, we designed a new infrastructure, creating a virtual server environment and replacing an aging infrastructure. Policies and procedures were developed consisting of security, infrastructure, desktop support, software change management, and test case management.

“ALPS South, LLC employed Creative Innovation Solutions Group as an Information Technology consultant. They designed and managed our transition from Dell servers and an assortment of network equipment to a well organized system of virtual servers on IBM hardware and Sonicwall routers. Creative Innovation designed and managed the complete hardware and software installation for our system in US, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Ukraine.

They are extremely competent, professional, reliable, and have a great deal of integrity and intelligence coupled with excellent work ethics. They can handle a project or a group from soup to nuts. At the same time they are very open to suggestions and alternatives.

As part of their responsibilities, Creative Innovation interfaced with sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing, and engineering, to understand their needs, and design the hardware and software solution. They are very easy to work with, including working with some of our managers with difficult personalities.

Creative Innovation is outstanding from the professional as well as the human standpoint. I enjoyed their presence at Alps.”

Dr. Aldo Laghi

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