Randy’s Rules for IT Results

The Guiding Principles for Creative Innovation Solutions Group

Or in other words, avoiding the “Quick Fix” for a Comprehensive and Effective IT Program.

1. Know the business.
All businesses are not created equal. Each organization’s culture is unique by industry and by people. Inside, historical and first-hand knowledge of specific industries help to design IT solutions that work.

2. Start first with a thorough assessment.
Until one actually understands what is in place, what the company does, where it is going, one cannot adequately make recommendations, nor adequately support the business with technology.

3. Don’t live in a silo.
Too many workers focus only on their job and department. Decisions are made without consideration of the impact to other areas of the business. Without knowledge of how departments interact with each other, no one can be effective.

4. Don’t forget the people.
Change management is paramount. The success of an IT system depends on how it is accepted and used by the people.

5. Cure the problem—not the symptom.
Getting to the root cause is a must to permanently resolve any problem. Too many IT people cure the symptom. The real issues are still lurking and can create even bigger disasters in the future.

6. Management is about people.
Finding the right resources is critical to success in anything you do. Taking the time to find the skill sets and experience level required to match the project demands is a key driver to success.

  • IT Silos
  • slow network
  • geek speak
  • outsource CIO role