Whoa! Do we really need to do that? Reducing IT costs through managed services.

Whoa! Do we really need to do that? Reducing IT costs through managed services.

Is it time to considered an IT managed services business model to reduce costs and improve efficiencies?

In today’s tough economy, every penny spent must bring about the biggest value, or to say it differently, have the biggest positive impact for any organization. Spending to be spending, implementing technologies or new processes, just to say we did, doesn’t necessarily bring about value for an organization. Information technology groups must work deep within a company to provide leadership when determining the technology needs, for now, and the future. IT organizations that just say yes to every request for technology aren’t bringing value to the company from an IT point of view.

In larger organizations, IT experience at the leadership level often runs deep. This leadership works within business organizations to provide guidance and the necessary direction to ensure that the appropriate technologies are implemented, that the best practices using the best technologies are implemented at the most cost affordable price.

In smaller companies and small IT organizations, this level of leadership may not exist or may not be at the level needed to provide that necessary business and technology view and approach. What are the alternatives available to smaller companies? What are the alternatives available at an affordable price?

This requires a level of managed services that include strategic level planning and leadership. So, in IT, this would be CIO/CTO level of services. This level of services would interact with the corporate leadership to ensure that technology spending is bringing about the necessary value for the company. This leadership builds a strategy that carries the technology into the next three or maybe even five years.  Managed services, at a fixed price, over a period of three years is one method of reinforcing the IT organization in any company.

Many small companies cannot afford a single full-time IT person. The technology decisions are being made by non-technology professionals. The value add can be hit or miss. Having no plan or strategy or expectation of results should certainly halt anyone from moving forward with any endeavor. We must ask the question, do we really need to do that? How do we know that our project will be successful? What is the measuring stick? Leadership and experience at a senior level of IT are needed to bring about a strong technology organization within any company. Providing this leadership for small businesses, delivering information technology at a level seen in a large organization, yet at a comfortable and affordable price is a must and what is needed to drive small businesses into the future. This is required for any business to be at the top of their game as a leader in their industry.

Is your IT driving technology solutions based on real business needs? Do you have a strategy that will take you into the coming year? One that is scalable and flexible to the rapidly changing business demands? If not, then consider sourcing your IT strategy through a managed services organization. Can you afford not to do so?

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