Talk is Cheap: Promise -v- Delivery in Information Technology and Services

Talk is Cheap: Promise -v- Delivery in Information Technology and Services

In talking to companies, one thing constantly resonates. Companies are concerned about investing in something that will not yield the promised return on investment. To say it differently, companies aren’t willing to invest on promise but on performance. What have you done? Do you deliver to the level committed to the customer? Is the commitment nothing more than hollow words? All are valid concerns when investing in technology and IT managed services.

The promise many make today is to drive costs down. In the world of Information Technology, costs are expected to be kept at a minimum, yet the performance is expected to be that of a big IT organization. Services levels must yield the same or improved results but at the least amount of costs. How can companies deliver such results? What are the driving factors of providing the “BIG IT” performance and a small IT cost?

As a company owner, one thing that challenges me most is a supplier committing to something yet delivering at less than the commitment or not delivering at all. I’m not alone in that frustration. The dollar doesn’t go as far today as in the past and every investment MUST yield, at the very least, the results promised in the commitment. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are many variables which contribute to success and failure. Fundamentally, over commitment and under delivery is never a good thing.

Creating a roadmap to drive success is critical. There are many roadways that can be driven to success. Finding the best route is what is critical to delivering that success. I can drive from Florida to California by following a road. If I have no map or plan, I’m likely to get lost along the way, ask for directions, and eventually, I will get there. I may not get there as quickly or with the least cost because I spent time and money on fuel heading in directions that would not take me to my desired end location.

In information technology, approaches such as Open Source and Managed Services are two key areas that can be used to drive down costs, yet provide delivery of “BIG IT”. Historically, Open Source has been something of a crapshoot. Conceptually it is a brilliant idea, but not without potential pitfalls in using as mission critical functions. Managed Services provides that IT support around the clock thus relieving companies of hiring full-time IT staff to perform the same management tasks. This approach is pennies on the dollar compared to that internal IT staff member. Finding the right company with the customer focus and commitment to always delivering the best solution is the key challenge. What companies have a vision and the creativity to implement the vision? What companies can provide that big picture overview and translate that into technology and tasks to implement at an affordable price? Again, very critical.

This begins a series of articles that will focus on promise -v- delivery. Two key technology approaches to be discussed are Open Source and Managed Services. Packaging a total solution, a custom fit to any organization, is critical in the delivery of Information Technology today. Delivering on commitment rather than just making hollow promises must use a technology roadmap and cost effective technology approaches. Follow-on discussions will begin with developing that roadmap and using these technology approaches of Open Source and Managed Services. We will discuss how your organization will benefit without compromising the integrity of operational areas critical to the success of your company.

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