CIO Managed Services – A Strategic Area of IT Managed Services

CIO Managed Services – A Strategic Area of IT Managed Services

Are CIO managed services part of the IT managed services you receive?

In a world of almost, or somewhat, or virtually, the smaller business have had to make do with almost virtually having IT support, or almost having an IT department, or virtually so anyway.  Managed services address much of what is not available for the smaller companies, providing extensive IT department support without the full-time IT staff.

All too often the managed services company provides the day-to-day operational support, but it lacks in the strategic, planning, and management-level support that oh so many companies need.  You say, OK, that is probably true, but what are the missing pieces and what will they provide?

The key to any IT organization is leadership.  Senior IT leadership that interacts with corporate management is a must to ensure success with primary business goals and objectives and to see out beyond the current picture to strategically plan for future technologies that will be driven by fundamental business needs. That’s where CIO managed services come into play.

IT Leadership as Part of the Managed Services Offering

You say, ok, help me understand why I need this and whether the value add is worth any additional costs that may be involved.   Many managed service companies are more attuned to coming in and just swinging the hammer.   What I mean by that, is that there isn’t a great deal of evaluation of the organization, their needs, their staff, their technology use and their technology needs.  They come in, say you need some servers to run your software.  Add some storage.  Improve the network or expand the network.  Improve the internet access because it is way too slow.

Granted much of that is fairly common and is needed.  But it stops there.   I spoke with a managed services company a few years back, and I asked if they had folks that were more the high-level IT folks, folks that were not out swinging the hammer installing networks or systems.  The response I received was that all folks working for their company swung the hammer.   Probably true.    I asked again, is there anyone that works with senior corporate leadership, putting together IT strategy, and performing that senior IT leadership function.  The answer was absolutely not.  Small companies did not need this.

That is unbelievably untrue!   This day and time, when competition is incredibly fierce, to get the edge and keep the edge, you must bring more to the table than that day to day swinging of the hammer. Time to put forth leadership, interact with senior leaders in each area of the organization, bring value to that company by identifying their needs –needs that maybe they aren’t even yet aware.

IT Has to Be More Than Just Overhead

IT has to be more than just overhead. IT has to bring a value that improves the top line of a company as well as a bottom line.   Understanding these key needs, bringing new processes to the table, identifying new technologies that will meet a need much sooner than later, often times, when most folks yet don’t see the forthcoming changes.  This is CIO and CTO leadership at a managed services level.  Bringing that along with the entire managed services package is a must for success.   A complete, comprehensive solution is what brings an average organization to a winning organization.

We at Creative Innovation Solutions Group bring that experience and knowledge to the table.  That is our core service.  Before any swinging of the hammer takes place, get your IT leadership and a core foundation in place.  It is the difference between just average and being a leading organization in your area of business.

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