Horse With No Name – Tale of a Virus Scam

Horse With No Name – Tale of a Virus Scam

At a recent marketing trade show, I heard this story from a peer. Their client had a terrible experience with virus scam that is all too common. Read on..

Start of a Strange Journey

On the first part of the journey, his client was looking at what appeared to be a normal computer screen. Then out of the blue, he saw a black screen with little white letters, and a blinking cursor  The first thing he could think was “I have to make a call into a help desk”. Now, as everyone knows, when you call a help desk, it’s probably not going to be a quick fix, especially with a black screen. Even Duck tape, WD-40 and a coat hanger will not fix the problem. Conveniently, there was a “window” with a toll-free number.

The Journey turns Dangerous

Jack, the slick, tech-savvy guru on the other end of the phone, explained that he was going to run a few diagnostics from his site and check what’s happened to the computer that stopped the journey. Once he returns to the phone, he uses technical lingo add confusion. Jack says that the computer is infected and also any equipment that was linked to the network. But for a minimal fee, he would be glad to clean up all problems–all he needed was a credit card number.

The journey turns to Bob, the tech support guy at the computer store. Bob stated that it was a scam! Jack, the slick, tech-savvy guru, had helped himself to the computer and let a Trojan Horse run free and wanted ransom  paid him to get his horse back.

Lessons Learned

The value of this journey:knowledge and tools. There are risks on the internet world and sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits.
• Make sure you have a trusted antivirus
• A strong firewall
• Back up your systems often
• Reboot routers because potential attacks can lock your systems and notify your enterprise users so they can be prepared for the system to be down at a given time.
• Change passwords frequently
• Your journey on your computer is done, put your saddle up, log completely off and put your horse up until next time.

I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name,
It felt good to be out of the rain.
In the desert you can remember your name,
‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain
La la
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