IT Long-Range Planning

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IT long-range planning

Companies use long-range planning to ensure company goals are established and met based on a timeline. This same discipline is important to IT initiatives, too.

At Creative Innovation Solutions Group, we work with your management team to understand how IT projects and technology support and facilitate your organizations long-term goals and short-term needs.

Learn more about our take on long-range planning by reading our blog posts or contact us for a consultation.

Risk Assessment

Sweat the Small Stuff in IT Management

Information Technology organizations that struggle to do things well often don’t realize that they don’t do things well. Have you heard the saying, “They are so bad, they don’t know they’re bad”? They may even think their approach to IT is the norm. They may believe that they have to do things their way because they are… Continue Reading

Information Technology Management At Its Finest?

Have you ever worked in a company where the IT leadership was suspect at best? Now I’m not speaking from an IT staff member point of view where most IT staff at some point questions their fearless leaders’ management and technical skills. I’m speaking from the business side where leadership in the organization just doesn’t have… Continue Reading

Promise -v- Delivery: Open Source Delivers On Promise

Open Source is a technology approach alternative to your traditional or standard software solutions. Open Source Initiative is the governing body behind Open Source. Open Source, on many occasions, has been met with skepticism when implementing this strategy for mission-critical applications. Why? Simply there has traditionally been concern about those behind a particular Open Source… Continue Reading

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