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Businesses need the flexibility to grow and scale infrastructure and technology to support that growth as needed. That's where managed services come into play. An IT managed services provider like Creative Innovation Solutions Group provides businesses of all sizes the services they need, including infrastructure planning and design, enterprise system design, CIO managed services, CTO managed services, IT project management, server virtualization management, and more.

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Risk Assessment

The Biggest Challenges for IT Hiring in 2018

Challenges Facing IT Hiring in 2018 In today’s workplace, hiring managers face many hiring related challenges.  In the Information Technology field, this is especially true.   Here we will touch on challenges that we see as key in hiring Information Technology staff. Workloads on the Increase First, as technology become increasingly important for businesses to… Continue Reading

Sweat the Small Stuff in IT Management

Information Technology organizations that struggle to do things well often don’t realize that they don’t do things well. Have you heard the saying, “They are so bad, they don’t know they’re bad”? They may even think their approach to IT is the norm. They may believe that they have to do things their way because they are… Continue Reading

Information Technology Management At Its Finest?

Have you ever worked in a company where the IT leadership was suspect at best? Now I’m not speaking from an IT staff member point of view where most IT staff at some point questions their fearless leaders’ management and technical skills. I’m speaking from the business side where leadership in the organization just doesn’t have… Continue Reading

Talk is Cheap: Promise -v- Delivery in Information Technology and Services

In talking to companies, one thing constantly resonates. Companies are concerned about investing in something that will not yield the promised return on investment. To say it differently, companies aren’t willing to invest on promise but on performance. What have you done? Do you deliver to the level committed to the customer? Is the commitment nothing… Continue Reading

Whoa! Do we really need to do that? Reducing IT costs through managed services.

Is it time to considered an IT managed services business model to reduce costs and improve efficiencies? In today’s tough economy, every penny spent must bring about the biggest value, or to say it differently, have the biggest positive impact for any organization. Spending to be spending, implementing technologies or new processes, just to say… Continue Reading

Are you kidding me? It happended again?! IT Management and the need for IT Standards – Response

CIO and CTO leadership can help improve IT management and standards in organizations of any size.  The approach to problem solving and solution delivery directly tie to credibility. I mentioned that much of this within IT is as much an educational challenge than anything. What do I mean? Well, when a network admin is attempting… Continue Reading

Are you kidding me? It happened again?! IT management and the need for IT standards.

I never cease to be amazed at how some businesses run and how IT workers interact with others in an organization. A key focus for me is to standardize and develop process structure that flows throughout an organization, such that before any decision is made in any endeavor, the appropriate processes have been followed and… Continue Reading

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