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November 28, 2011

IT Failures Often
Silo Mentality Based
Contact: Randy Kellum
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CLEARWATER, FL – In a column for Northeast Georgia business leaders, the manager of a comprehensive IT company says the reason so many IT solutions fail is due to “silo mentality.”

Randy Kellum, managing partner for Creative Innovation Solutions Group, wrote in Chambering, a monthly multi-media magazine of the Barrow County (GA) Chamber of Commerce, that tearing down the silos must be the new normal in business and information technology. The key driver in changing that thinking must be information technology, he says. The column appeared in the November issue. “Based on the way many organizations operate, it seems we’re a bunch of farm animals operating in their own pastures,” says Kellum. “Groups or herds act as if they are the only group in the world. No consideration is given to the impact of decisions or movement outside their herd.” The thinking is not limited to large corporations, he says, but creeps into small and mid-sized businesses as well.

Kellum cited examples of silo mentality: Marketing groups going to print with a catalogue containing products that could not be manufactured due to the lack of the right machinery. Sales people making a commitment to an executive group for products without checking with manufacturing first. Changes to sales order entry processes that impacted manufacturing, which suddenly no longer received work orders. Silo decisions, he says, which focus solely on one department consider the resulting impact on other departments as “someone else’s problem.” The problem, he says, is that thinking can bring down the entire organization.

Kellum says that IT structure that is built around specific business units has got to be a thing of the past and replaced by providing a path that facilitates improved business processes and decision making. “Making decisions without considering and understanding of the impact to the entire organization is the same as building a house and putting in the carpet before putting on the roof.”

Understanding the core business is a must in today’s global workplace, says Kellum. “Strategy is key in building any future with planning critical to mitigating risk. Managing change is a must to ensuring success. Information Technology must bring all of these and more to the table.” he adds. “IT is not the core business itself; it is a core business enabler. Information technology must develop that strategy and direction to carry organizations into the future.”

Creative Innovation Solutions Group is a comprehensive technology and business consulting company which provides visionary and integrative IT processes tailored to each company’s present and future needs. Based out of Clearwater, FL, the company provides services throughout the Southeast.

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