All too often, when seeking a new job, many recruiting agencies treat employee candidates as a number, as a statistic, and future revenue, rather than as a human.   We’ve all experienced going through a job search, working with agencies, who will not return your phone call or respond to your email, once the immediate positional need is filled.    It is frustrating to receive a phone call from a recruiter, talking about a positional need in a company, wanting to submit you for the job, as you are the best, but when it fails to work out, no response, no answer, no communication whatsoever.

These are all things that can be handled much differently and certainly much more professional.   At Creative Innovation Solutions Group, candidates are as important as the companies we service.   We build our reputation on the people that we submit for a positional need.  We work diligently to ensure that the best candidates are matched to the best positions in the best companies.

In this day and time of here and now, what have you done for me lately, and a culture of social media, where everything is public and available in minutes, we take the time to get to know you as people, as much as candidates for employment.   Likewise, we do the same with the companies with which we work.  Companies expect the best candidates and have no time to interview those that are not the right candidate for the job.  So we, with our experience in Information Technology, years of senior management experience and hiring, will ensure that the right mix of candidates and match to the right company position.

We work with quality over quantity.  We find the best candidates and we work with the best hiring managers and companies.   Quality is of utmost importance, as hiring managers have not the time to work through a gap in skills, but also to work through replacing an unqualified candidate.

For both hiring managers and candidates, we get to know the real you, thus making the best match the first time.

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