Enterprise Systems

Design enterprise systems with the whole in mind

Due to the complexities of modern business, enterprise systems must integrate all departments and functions across a company. They should deliver consistency into a single database, and serve all the different departments’ critical needs. Furthermore, it’s important to link the company and divisions globally. Visibility worldwide into inventories and supply chain activities allows an organization to make timely decisions that deliver reduced costs and improved sales globally. Therefore, the bottom line is to improve through the use of a solid enterprise system. Enterprise systems are reputed to be complex, clunky systems that require too much effort to implement and maintain. However, replacing complexity with simplicity, clunky with seamless, and delivering the best of departmental practices, creates the highest return on an organization’s investment.

The benefits of working with Creative Innovation Solutions Group on enterprise system design include:

  • “Big system” ERP functionality
  • Visibility across the supply chain
  • Improved operational control
  • Real-time decision making
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Any combination of Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Open license and community driven development

Does it seem like the right time to consider improving your enterprise system? Then it’s time to talk to Creative Innovation Solutions Group. Contact us today.

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