Server Virtualization Management

What is Server Virtualization Management?

Server virtualization management makes it possible for IT teams at small and mid-size businesses to be more responsive to their internal and external customers, provide higher-quality service and react quickly to events — whether it’s a market opportunity or a business disruption.

Virtualization is the running of multiple operating systems and applications on the same server at the same time. Server virtualization enables IT professionals to support their organizations better. As a result, small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) are rapidly adopting virtualization.

Both server and desktop virtualization maximize investments and improve internal controls over work systems. We offer the highest levels of application availability and responsiveness with the lowest total cost per application workload. VMware is the leading industry software in the area of virtualization. Virtual data centers bring about improved management and improved performance resulting in the best ROI available to the customer. We seek to offer the best of breed solutions in the industry and virtualization; VMware brings this to the client.

Why Adopt Virtualization?

According to Forester Research, 34 percent of SMBs have started to deploy virtualization today. That percentage will jump to over 50 percent in the next 12 months. Meanwhile, midsize businesses are virtualizing their whole server environments faster than large enterprises, according to research firm Gartner; 70 percent of mid-size organizations are targeting 100 percent virtualization within five years.

The concept of virtualization has been around since IBM mainframes ruled the computer world. Running two or more operating systems and their associated applications as “virtual machines” on one single physical server can significantly improve resource utilization. In the last ten years, virtualization has blossomed because of the efficiencies it offers companies of any size. It’s becoming especially popular among SMBs because it offers both cost savings and technical advantages.

From a cost perspective, virtualization can decrease capital expenses because you can reduce your server count. You can also reduce operating costs because maintenance and administration costs are lower with server virtualization. And because virtualization simplifies your IT infrastructure, your IT staff can be more responsive. You can quickly supply new capabilities to your organization, which is of particular importance in a fast-changing economy.

Server virtualization isn’t just for large enterprises.

Entry-level virtualization tools are free or low-cost, and there are many benefits to virtualization (including saving money). It’s not a question of “if” you should virtualize your servers; it’s a question of “when.” Five steps should be taken to determine when to virtualize your servers. There are many server virtualization solutions available today. However, this isn’t about which solution to choose. Many virtualization questions are “solution agnostic,” and the question of “when” to virtualize your servers is one of them. So, if you haven’t started using virtualization, or you haven’t fully virtualized your IT environment, I recommend the five-step evaluation to determine when you should make that move. We can deliver that assessment and determinate whether the time is right for virtualization.

Creative Innovation Solutions Group partners with the best technologies available on the market today. We can deliver to your organization the best in virtualization. We will provide VMware and drive the improvements needed to support your organization in an economy that demands that the best, brightest, and most innovative organizations work hard, but most importantly, work smart.

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