See the Creative Innovation Solutions Group Difference

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Creating Successful IT by NOT speaking Geek?

If IT is all Greek to you, your company does not need someone who speaks geek. Creative Innovation Solutions Group knows your industry, providing comprehensive IT solutions for now and the future – In PLAIN English.

Creating Affordable & Successful IT Solutions

Need a Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer and don’t think you can afford it? Creative Innovation Solutions Group brings together a wealth of tech partners, visionary leadership and proven successes to take your IT department into the future.

Removing Silo Mentality for Successful IT

Does your company’s IT work in a silo? Creative Innovation Solutions Group doesn’t.

Too many departments and IT organizations operate only from the prospective of a single department without consideration of how their changes might impact other areas of a business.

Creative Innovation Solutions Group abhors silo mentality. We build interdisciplinary teams to benefit the whole company, and we bring to the table the advantage of years of experience in manufacturing, retail, banking and more.

Rescuing a Failed IT System

The Situation: ALPS South, a major supplier of orthotic products, was suffering from a lack of confidence in its IT organization because of issues relating to infrastructure, staffing, processes and procedures. CI Solutions Group was contracted for the project called, “FIX IT.”

Action: After a complete IT assessment, CI Solutions Group created a new infrastructure that combined 12 PC’s into virtual machines supported by two servers. The resulting internal cloud-based infrastructure eliminated downtime from emergencies.

Results: By having not one but two servers as well as a cloud based system, Florida based Alps South is ready for the worst natural disaster with little if any downtime in business. Today they are operating efficiently and have confidence in their IT support.

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  • outsource CIO role